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Arthur Puu's passion for storytelling through media and his charismatic attitude brings a fresh and electric dynamic to the digital media industry.

Arthur has done everything from hosting a podcast to covering live sports from Los Angeles to New York City. He is currently a Senior Social Media Specialist on ESPN's social media team. He was previously a Senior Social Media Producer for Spark Sports, Production Intern for Spectrum Sports, Play-by-Play Announcer for BallerTV, Videographer for Overtime and Co-Host on the Blog Boys Podcast. He has also done freelance work for multiple basketball agencies and entertainment brands.

Arthur grew up in the outskirts of Los Angeles in Pasadena, California. He attended Pepperdine University and graduated in 2018, where he studied Broadcast Journalism and Sports Administration.

He began his career as a Play-by-Play Announcer for Pepperdine Athletics, covering volleyball, basketball, baseball, water polo and tennis. He also served as a Sports Writer, Photographer and Editor for The Graphic newspaper.

In his free time, Arthur loves watching sports at all levels, primarily basketball. He also loves to travel, take photos, create videos, and write.

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